Design Internship Experience: How NIFT Patna student Zoya Kant learnt to integrate theory and practice
Zoya Kant, a Masters of Fashion Management (MFM) student of NIFT Patna, completed her internship from Armani Exchange. She shares how she overcame various problems.
Design Internship Experience: How NIFT Kannur student Rishabh Nayak learned to apply theory into practice
Rishabh Nayak, a B.F.Tech student of NIFT Kannur, completed his internship from Nahar Fibres, Ludhiana. He shares how he learned the basics of spinning, weaving, knitting, and a lot more.
Design Internship Experience: How NIFT Bengaluru student Jasmine Shah learnt nitty-gritty of merchandising
Jasmine Shah, a design student of NIFT Bengaluru completed her internship from Shah Safari Inc. She explains how the work culture in a buying house teaches the essence of merchandising to an intern.
Design Internship Experience: How NIFT Kolkata student Garima Nahata got PPO
In this interview, NIFT Kolkata fourth year fashion design student Garima Nahata, who did her 2-month long internship with Texport Sydicate PVT LTD, shares how she invited a PPO for herself at the end of internship.
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