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Remember, in life there are no Undo and Redo buttons!

College Predictor

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    It's easy and fast

    It’s easy and fast

    Tell us about your preferences, your actual rank or score and other relevant details.

    Fill in the details and click on “Predict Now”. It’s unbelievably simple!!

    Know every possible choice

    You get two separate results, one showing all probable college-course combinations.

    The other one will show only those combinations that match your preferences.

    Know every possible choice

    Analyze and identify the best choice

    It’s a matter of your career and life. Take your time to analyze and understand the results.

    Know the most preferred branch of every college, your probability of getting a particular college-course, and what the cut-off trend of that combination has been.

    It’s totally personalized, get your report now

    The college predictor results and analyses can be downloaded in the form of a personalized report.

    You get not only your overall and preference-based results, but also know all the facts about the counselling procedure.

    It's totally personalized, get your report now