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An interaction with Divya Raj pursuing B.Des in Footwear Design & Production from FDDI Noida

An interaction with Divya Raj pursuing B.Des in Footwear Design & Production from FDDI Noida

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Established in 1986, Footwear Design and Development Institute, Noida is one of the top design institutes in India. FDDI Noida courses include B.Des, BBA, M.Des and MBA. Students willing to take admission at FDDI Noida are required to appear for FDDI AIST exam. With the 86%+ placements records, FDDI has been partnered with 240+ national and international companies participating in the placement drive. Careers360 brings you an exclusive interview with Divya Raj who is pursuing the B.Des in Footwear Design & Production course at FDDI. She shared all about the admissions process, placements details along with the life in the FDDI Noida campus and all other important aspects which are going to be beneficial for all the aspiring students. To know more about the FDDI Noida, read the full article of Divya Raj below.

An interaction with Divya Raj pursuing B.Des in Footwear Design & Production from FDDI Noida
An interaction with Divya Raj pursuing B.Des in Footwear Design & Production from FDDI Noida

Careers360: Presently which course are you pursuing and in which year are you?

Divya: I am currently pursuing the B.Des in Footwear Design & Production course at FDDI, and I am in my second year of studies.

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Careers360: Did you face any difficulty in the initial months when you joined the institute?

Divya: Like most students, the initial months at FDDI were a period of adjustment for me. It took some time to adapt to the new environment, get to know my classmates, and understand the academic requirements of the program. However, the faculty and seniors were supportive, and various orientation programs helped ease the transition.

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Careers360: What activities are offered in the institute? Are there any clubs etc for the various extracurricular activities? Which ones have you taken up and are a part of?

Divya: FDDI offers a range of extracurricular activities to foster holistic development among students. The institute has clubs and societies catering to different interests, such as sports, cultural activities, and entrepreneurship. Personally, I have joined the cultural club which organizes workshops, design competitions, and guest lectures related to footwear design trends and techniques.

Careers360: Describe a typical day at your institute – what do you do from the time you wake up till you go to sleep?

Divya: A typical day at FDDI starts with waking up early in the morning to freshen up and have breakfast. After that, I attend classes where we have theory sessions, practical workshops, and design studio sessions. The institute also emphasizes hands-on learning, so we often engage in prototype development and material exploration. In the evenings, I might participate in club activities or work on assignments. After dinner, I dedicate time for self-study and completing any pending tasks before finally resting for the night.

Careers360: Tell us about the faculty-student ratio here and about the teacher-student relationship in your understanding.

Divya: At FDDI, the faculty-student ratio is quite favorable. There are experienced faculty members who provide guidance and mentorship to students. The smaller class sizes allow for more personalized attention and interaction with the professors. The teachers are approachable and encourage open discussions, making the learning environment more engaging and conducive to learning.

Careers360: What all facilities do you have on the campus? What do you like here the most which you feel is unique and differentiating?

Divya: The FDDI campus offers a range of facilities to support students' academic and extracurricular needs. We have well-equipped design studios, laboratories, computer labs, and a library with an extensive collection of books and research materials. The campus also has sports facilities, including a sports complex and grounds for various outdoor games.

Careers360: How comfortable are your hostels, and how about the cleanliness factor over there?

Divya: The hostels at FDDI are comfortable and provide a conducive environment for students to focus on their studies. The rooms are well-maintained and furnished with essential amenities. The cleanliness factor is given due importance, and regular housekeeping services ensure that the hostels are kept tidy and hygienic.

Careers360: How do you balance your studies, projects, exams, and other activities?

Divya: Balancing studies, projects, exams, and other activities can be challenging but crucial for overall development. I try to prioritize my tasks and create a schedule to manage my time effectively. By allocating specific time slots for studying, completing assignments, and participating in extracurricular activities, I ensure that I stay on track with my academic responsibilities. Additionally, I practice effective time management techniques, such as setting realistic goals, minimizing distractions, and seeking help or guidance whenever needed.

Careers360: Tell us about the clubs and societies at the campus and how significant are they from your point of view or students' point of view?

Divya: FDDI offers a variety of clubs and societies that cater to diverse interests and talents of students. These clubs provide a platform for students to explore their passions and develop skills beyond the academic curriculum. From cultural clubs, sports clubs, and creative societies to entrepreneurship and industry-oriented groups, there is something for everyone. These clubs not only enhance personal growth but also foster teamwork, leadership, and networking opportunities. They play a significant role in creating a vibrant campus life and enriching the overall student experience.

Careers360: Is there any in-house magazine or journal for the latest events or happenings at the institute?

Divya: Yes, FDDI has its own in-house magazine or journal that covers the latest events, happenings, and achievements at the institute. It serves as a platform to showcase student work, research activities, industry collaborations, and other noteworthy initiatives. The magazine provides insights into the happenings within the institute, including updates on student achievements, faculty contributions, guest lectures, and industry trends. It is a valuable resource for staying informed about the institute's activities and developments.

Careers360: What are the popular hangouts at the institute? What, according to you, are the most-visited places nearby?

Divya: FDDI facilities include a number of places where students can socialize and unwind during their leisure time. The cafeteria and common areas are popular hangout spots where students gather, relax, and engage in conversations. Additionally, the institute's sports complex and grounds are frequented by students interested in outdoor activities. As for nearby places, there are shopping malls, movie theaters, and recreational centers that students often visit to unwind and explore.

Careers360: How do you spend your leisure time at the campus?

Divya: During my leisure time at the campus, I engage in a mix of activities. I might spend time with friends, discussing projects, or collaborating on creative endeavors. I also take advantage of the institute's facilities by participating in sports, utilizing the library resources, or working on personal design projects. Additionally, I attend workshops or seminars organized by clubs and societies that align with my interests. Sometimes, I also enjoy exploring the campus surroundings or taking part in cultural events and performances.

Careers360: What type of companies come for campus recruitment and what percentage of students get placed every year? How is the recruitment process here?

Divya: FDDI has a strong industry interface and maintains collaborations with numerous renowned companies in the footwear, fashion, retail, and allied sectors. FDDI placement drive brings a diverse range of companies for hiring. Some of the prominent companies that visit FDDI for recruitment include well-known footwear brands, fashion houses, retail chains, leather goods manufacturers, and design firms.

The percentage of students getting placed varies from year to year and depends on several factors such as the economic environment, industry trends, individual skills, and performance during the recruitment process. FDDI strives to provide ample placement opportunities to its students by organizing recruitment drives, industry-specific job fairs, and campus interviews. The institute's strong industry connections and reputation attract a significant number of companies seeking skilled professionals in the footwear and fashion industry.

The recruitment process at FDDI typically involves several stages. It begins with companies visiting the campus and conducting pre-placement talks, where they introduce themselves, provide insights into their organizations, and explain the job roles and profiles they are offering. Following the pre-placement talks, companies may conduct written tests, group discussions, and personal interviews to assess the candidates' skills, knowledge, and suitability for the positions available.

FDDI's placement cell plays a crucial role in coordinating the recruitment process, facilitating communication between students and companies, and ensuring smooth conduct of interviews and selection procedures. The placement cell also provides training and guidance to students, preparing them for interviews, refining their resumes, and enhancing their overall employability.

While the percentage of students getting placed can vary, FDDI strives to provide strong placement support and assistance to maximize employment opportunities for its students. The institute's focus on industry-relevant curriculum, practical exposure, and skill development helps students gain a competitive edge in the job market.

Disclaimer: This content was distributed by FDDI Noida and has been published as part of Careers360’s marketing initiative.

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Questions related to FDDI Noida

Have a question related to FDDI Noida ?

Hello Ishika,

FDDI Noida is a very decent college for fashion designing,

Year of establishment




Campus size

10 acre

Recognised by

Ministry of Commerce, Government of India

Modes of education


Number of courses offered

6 courses across 3 streams

Exam accepted


Total no. of seats


Types of scholarships

- UP Government Scholarship Scheme

- MP Government Scholarship Scheme

Official website

Gender intake


Application mode (when admissions are open)


The college has very good infrastructure with well-qualified faculty members and well-planned labs.

Placements: Almost 100% of the students got placed. Companies like H&M, Reliance, Bata and Future Group visited our college. SMT is the top role offered in the course. The salary package offered was also good. Companies came for MBA and bachelors both for Pan India with good salary package and profile.

Infrastructure: college campus, there are 3 buildings with classrooms, labs, library and all the facilities. There are 4 lush green grounds inside the campus. There are 2 hostels both for boys and girls hostel inside the campus. The mess was inside the hostel, and the hostel has good space and ventilated hostel rooms.

Faculty: Teachers are very helpful and well-qualified.

Hope this helps,

All the best !


FDDI Noida was established 1986. Here so many courses are offered. Due to research collage infrastructure is good. Laboratories are very good with new equipments. Hostel facility is good. Canteen facility here . Faculties are very well educated and friendly. Almost 90% students got placed here. Above 65% students got internship here. So many good companies are coming here for placement.

FDDI Hyderabad is another college of this department. Here also offered some courses and due to research Faculties are very good here. Almost 90% students got placed in every year. Laboratories are good.

So both colleges are good for fashion designing, foot designing and leather design also . Now you have to choose which college you want to get admission.

All the best.

Hello Dear,

Footwear Design and Development Institute (FDDI), Noida was founded in 1986. This Institute is dedicated to the growth and development of the Leather Products, Footwear & Product, Retail and Fashion Merchandise and Fashion Design sectors. Footwear Design and Development Institute is accredited by DAkk-Germany. It offers a vast range of undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes such as BDes, BBA, MDes and MBA through its four schools namely School of Footwear Design & Production, School of Leather Goods & Accessories Design, School of Retail & Fashion Merchandise and School of Fashion Design. Around 80% of the students got the job from college. The average salary package offered was 2.5 LPA. Top companies like Adidas, Reliance, and Aditya Birla visited the campus for recruitment. Above 65% of the students got internships. For more information you can visit the link below:

hello aspirant

congratulations on your rank. As you have got category merit rank 88 in AIST you will definitely get a seat in FDDI Noida undoubtedly. If not Noida, you can try for Kolkata but do not worry as your interest you will be allotted in the FDDI Noida.

i hope this could help you

all the best.

Generally Cutoffs changes each and every year as it depends upon various factors like :

Difficulty level of MET 2020, Total number of applicants, Total number of seats available, Previous year's cutoff trends.

But in general if you consider previous year cutoffs then

For footwear designing, leather designing, fashion designing  courses -

General - AIR - 1-500

All the best!!

OBC - up to 1000

This is the expected cut off

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