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How to Prepare for NID 2025 In 6 Months?

How to Prepare for NID 2025 In 6 Months?

Edited By Ritika Jonwal | Updated on Jul 09, 2024 04:39 PM IST | #NID DAT

Each year, thousands of students appear for the NID 2025 Exam to make a career in Design in various disciplines NID offers at both Undergraduate and Post-Graduate Levels. The standard query and dilemma before any aspirant is How and Where to begin with the preparations. In this article, we have brought you a discreet plan to prepare for the NID DAT examination, covering all the major topics and a month-wise study plan for exhaustive preparation. Further effort and sincerity are crucial traits to succeed in any aptitude examination. The NID entrance test is a two-tired exam.

Phases of NID DAT 2025

DAT Prelims: A paper-based exam that evaluates sketching, Design Thinking, Design Aptitude, and Observational skills. (Program lengths for B.Des and M.Des vary.)

DAT Mains (for qualifiers): For B.Des programs, Studio Tests go deeper into your design discipline (e.g., sketching, model making & other sensory evaluations are well-crafted). Tests for M.Des programs include Studio Test(as per Domain), Portfolio Round & Interview(focussing on Discipline specific inquiry) Apart from the written tests, students must also extensively understand how to prepare for NID Studio test.

NID Exam Pattern 2025

To get a detailed understanding of the requirements of the examination, one must go through NID DAT Exam Pattern. For NID DAT exam preparation, it is important to do so, to understand weightage distribution per topic to prepare effectively for this strictly time-bound examination which is important to know how to score well in NID DAT 2025. Students can look at NID DAT sample papers to deepen their understanding of the syllabus and how to approach the exam. The pattern is as follows:

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Type of questions

Maximum marks per section

NID DAT BDes Prelims (40%)

Part I - MCQ

Part I - 40 marks

Part II - Subjective type

Part II - 60 marks


Based on Drawing/ Sketching/ Model Making

100 marks

NID Syllabus 2025

Students preparing for both BDes and MDes must be comprehensive with the NID syllabus 2025 for NID DAT exam preparation. They must understand concepts and how to apply them effectively. The syllabus provides aspirants with a detailed understanding of what to pay the most attention to. Students can refer to a detailed NIT DAT Syllabus to begin NID DAT exam preparation 2025 effectively. The Syllabus consists of :

Drawing Fundamentals

The NID DAT tests a candidate’s basic drawing skills, such as perspective, shading, texture, and composition. Candidates should be able to draw simple objects and scenes accurately and realistically.

Design Theory

The NID DAT also tests a candidate’s understanding of basic design theory, including the elements and principles of design, color theory, typography, and graphic design basics. Candidates should be able to apply these concepts to their creative work.

Creativity and Problem-solving

The NID DAT is designed to assess a candidate’s creative thinking and problem-solving skills. Candidates should be able to come up with original and innovative solutions to design challenges. They should also be able to think critically about design and understand the different factors that influence it.

General Knowledge

The NID DAT also includes a section on general knowledge, which covers a wide range of topics, such as science and technology, current affairs, and social and cultural issues. Candidates should be well-rounded individuals with a broad range of interests.

How to Prepare for NID 2025 in 6 Month - Study plan

A student’s NID DAT exam preparation requires a comprehensive and intensive structure to study and apply the syllabus. One must follow a single strategy with discipline to see results. It is important to pick out the best NID DAT study material 2025 and begin preparation early on. Topics must be sorted based on the level of difficulty. Here is a detailed timetable to help students how to prepare for NID 2025 in 6 months in India.

Drawing Exercise of the Month
Quantitiative Aptitude
( Class 10th)
Reasoning/Design Aptitude
General Awareness
Month 01Percentage
Ratio & Proportion
Time & Work

Cubes/ Dice Arrangements for
Counting the Surface, Edges & Points
Indian Art & Culture
Indian Painters & Paintings
Straight Lines
Circles & Ellipses
Squares and Rectangles
Patterns & Symbols related
Coding & Decoding
Books & Authors
Famous books and Authors
Freehand Curved Lines (Newspaper Sheet Size
Month 02Simple & Compound InterestBlood RelationsTypography Fundamentals, Different fonts and Their contextual UsesPractise Simple forms sketching both organic forms and Geometric Volumes
Profit and LossWater & Mirror Image FundamentalsTraditional Printing Techniques: Tying And DyeingFundamental of 2D Geometric Shapes

Image Analysis: For a given Scenario
Free Hand Doodling
Month 03Speed, Time & Distance ProblemsCoding-Decoding Operations
Data Sufficiency
Elementary Topics of Civics like Fundamental Rights & DutiesWork on Human-Anatomy,
08/10-Head Sketches of Male-Females
Postures and Movements
Time & Work Questions up to 10th class LevelConcepts of Simple Machines, Operations and Working
Basics of Photography like
Aperture/ Shutter speed & ISO basics, Different Operations on Camera

Combining Forms to make Animals and Insects, like making a rabbit by combining two Spheres.
Month 04Introduction to Geometry
Fundamental of Various Shapes (like the Pentagon with 05 sides)
Visual Analogy: Interconnection between two ImagesLOGOS: For different Governmental Agencies, Banks, Automotive Brands and Famous Companies of IndiaWalk & Run Cycles/Flight: For Humans, Animals & Birds
(Choose animals from everyday life like Dogs, Cat & Squirrels etc)
Geometry: Volume and AreaPaper Cutting/ Folding and Unfolding Techniques

FLAGS: Different NationsPerspective Drawing: Interior and Exterior of a Room in your house from different view angles

Ratio & Proportion
Time & Work


Wind Operated
String Types Etc.

CUT/SECTION Views: Vegetables and Fruits from daily life

Exposed View of Everyday Life Objects like torch, pen etc
Month 05Fundamentals of Number SystemsData Sufficiency/Blood Relations/ Decision MakingDifferent Awards & Awardess Different Categories like Sports/ Civilian Awards/Film/ Medi & Communication etc.PRODUCT SKETCHING: Composition of 50 Objects from your surroundings in your household ranging from a Pin to a Car.
REVISION EXERCISE 02 : Simple & Compound Interest, Profit & LossFundamental Desing Principles
Like Gestalt etc.
NEWS: Major Headlines from This month and Last monthHuman Product Interaction Sketches: like a man typing on the computer from a side view

Different Projection Methods :
Ist & IIIrd Angle Projection Techniques
Indian Ranking in Various Indexes like Hunger Index, Happiness Index etc.
Month 06Permutation & CombinationREVISION: All Reasoning Topics covered so far till 05th month

FIGURE & MATRIX: Arrangements and Movements
NEWS: Major Headlines from This month and Last monthPERSPECTIVE SKETCHING: Outdoor Environments

Probability FundamentalCOLOR THEORY: Fundamentals & Psychology of ColorsHUMAN ANATOMY: Practise

Introduction to Geometry
Fundamental of Various Shapes
Geometry: Volume and Area
REVISION: NID previous year papers all topics askedFUTURESCAPE: Imagining the earth and your surroundings make atleast 10 future scenarios of our surroundings like Vegetable Market/ Police Stations etc.
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Books for NID Preparation 2025

Students must pick out the best NID DAT study material 2025, to begin with intensive preparation. Out of the given NID syllabus 2025, here are a few best books for NID preparation for smooth and effective preparation within the 6 months.

  • Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations by R.S.Aggarwal

  • Analytical Reasoning by Magical Book Series by Arihant Publications and MK Pandey

  • Design Drawing by Francis D.K.Ching

  • General Knowledge Digest by Oswal Books

  • The Fundamentals of Figure Drawing (Dover Art Instruction) by Charles Oliver

  • Basic Rendering by Robert W. Gill

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. Is it hard to crack NID exam?

The NID DAT entrance exam albeit filled with relatively simple questions, is one of the most competitive design entrance exams in the country. Aspiring students must possess a skilled hand at drawing and must pay attention to the Exam pattern and requirements of the entrance exam. 

2. How to prepare for NID 2025 in 6 months online?
  • Pick out the best Study material for NID 2025.

  • Understand the exam syllabus and pattern 

  • Prioritize and follow a strategic timetable 

  • Practice the timetable diligently without confusion or laze. 

3. Does NID DAT 2025 have negative marking?

No, NID DAT does not have negative markings for wrong answers. 

4. How to score well in NID DAT?
  • Focus and begin working on your weak points. 

  • Formulas and facts take up most of the time to learn as they require memorization, so start early. 

  • Logical application and reasoning is a skill that comes with repeated practice. Expose yourself to as many questions as possible to get a hang of it. 

5. What is the NID exam pattern 2025 for BDes?

For BDes, the NID exam pattern is divided into:

  1. NID DAT Prelims (40%): Part I MCQs: 40 marks

                                         Part II Subjective type: 60 marks

         Upon qualification in this round, students move to

  1. NID DAT Mains (60%): Drawing/ Sketching/ Modelling: 100 marks


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Questions related to NID DAT

Have a question related to NID DAT ?

Stages of the Exam:

The PG NID entrance exam typically consists of two stages:

  • Prelims: This written test might include objective and subjective questions to assess your design aptitude, creativity, problem-solving skills, and knowledge of design principles.

  • Mains: Candidates who qualify in the prelims are called for the mains stage, which usually involves a studio test, design exercises, and sometimes a personal interview. The specific format might vary depending on the chosen M.Des. specialization.

Prelims Exam Pattern (General Expectations):

Here is a general idea of what the prelims might cover, though the specific weightage and question types can vary:

  • Design Aptitude: This section might assess your visual thinking, observation skills, ability to identify patterns, and spatial reasoning. Expect questions on visual perception, mental ability tests, and basic design principles.

  • Discipline-Specific Test (for some programs): Certain M.Des. specializations might have a separate test focusing on the specific design discipline.

  • General Aptitude Test: This section might include questions on analytical reasoning, verbal ability, and general knowledge.

Mains Exam Pattern (General Expectations):

The mains exam format is more program-specific, but might involve elements like:

  • Studio Test: This hands-on test assesses your design skills, creativity, and ability to translate ideas into visual form. The specific task or materials used can vary depending on the chosen specialization.

  • Design Exercises: You might be presented with design challenges or problems to solve creatively. This assesses your approach to design thinking and problem-solving.

  • Personal Interview (for some programs): Some specializations might have a personal interview to assess your motivation, interest in the field, and understanding of the program.

I hope it helps!


If you forgot to write the question paper code and date on your NID DAT prelims OMR sheet, contact the exam authorities immediately. They may have procedures in place to handle such situations. According to me there should be no problem for you even if you have not filled paper code as you filled all the other necessary details.

Hope this helps you,

Thank you

Hello aspirant,

The National Institute of Design (NID) has not yet made the NID DAT 2024 exam's official syllabus public. But you can check the important topics for this exam on our site by clicking on the link given below.

Thank you

Hope this information helps you.

Hello Student,

I Hope you are doing well.

UCCEED-> Undergraduate Common Entrance Examination for Design

Conducted by- Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

UCEED conducts exams to get students for IITs and some design colleges also. IITs have seats reserved for the students coming through UCEED.

NID->National Institute of Design

Conducted by-> National Institute of Design Ahmedabad

NID Design Aptitude Test is conducted for admission in the prestigious National Institute Design (NID) campuses in Bachelors of Design (B. Des)course.

Some of the best coachings for NID and UCEED-:

AFAindia i s among the leading coaching institutes.

In India, there are many coaching programmes accessible, however in my opinion, creativity doesn't really blossom in a coaching programme.

The secret to passing NID, NIFT, and CEED is creativity; you may do this without depending on coaching sessions. I would advise going on a tour or travelling instead of paying hefty fees to teaching centres. If not, simply take in your surroundings. Every morning, take a stroll and study the textures and patterns of the surroundings. Try to observe and see things from your perspective wherever you go. Try to consider and analyse the issues!

I hope this helps you.

Hello Aspirant,

You have a good chance of getting a National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad. You have a good enough score for this college if we see last year cut off. But the cut-off changes every year depending on the difficulty level of the paper, the total aspirants who took the exam, the reservation, individual score of each person who took the exam. Nevertheless, you have a good chance of getting into this college as your score is good.

NID Design Aptitude Test generally recognized as NID DAT is a dual-level design entrance test that comprises a prelims exam and the main exam.

The entrance test is administered every year at the national level to assign students for B.Des and M.Des admission offered by NIDs campuses.

It is administered to evaluate candidates' proficiency, ability, and behavioural aptitudes. NID entry is a completely established aspirants' achievement in NID DAT.

The 4-years BDes programs are given at NID Ahmedabad, Andhra Pradesh, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, and Assam and 2-years MDes programs are given at NID Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar, and Bengaluru.


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